RSS and Podcasting Information

How can rss feeds help with you seo efforts?


1. rss is super similar to html, so use html, when using rss feeds use traditional SEO tactics

2. title should include specific search terms

3. the way you display your rss feeds, use header tags

4. use links external and internal, full path of links please

5. link test should push and promote keywords

6. hook up the and my.msn , jump start the indexing of the rss feed to be spidered...

7. niche rss feed, have a theme to the feed

8. submit your rss feeds, submit your rss feeds, and submit more

9. be nice subscribe to rss feeds of others

10. put your logo in your rss feed

11. rss feeds tend to be alpha ordered "hint"

12. make links count ...meaningful ness


Implementing RSS and Podcasting

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