11 Popular SEO Myths

  1. Adwords

Does spending mula on adwords help increase you organic rank?

Ppl think it does, but only one who knows this is google but does using adwords to test landing pages help, yes it does, does using adwords to help get some link juice and bots going on your page, yes it does help with that.

  1. Anchor Text


The linked words for a hyper link…it does help lots…very lots…pay attention to your anchors

  1. Alt Tags


Important but not the end all of things, of course if you are in the source code playing with h1 tags, and you see the alt tag …put something in the mother fucker lazy ass.

  1. Header Tags


If you can make a <p> an <h1> do it

  1. Keyword density


Well ezine seems to think an accurate density exists, but they are wrong, completely wrong, natural and systematic rhythm of words is what’s right, the combination of how something reads is what matters

  1. Keywords in the domain url


Yes it matters, a lot…but of course urls and dot coms arent all open to buy so, and you can have dash marks…lots of company’s prefer caring more about branding or having their company name in the url so , depends on your preference but keywords in domains help A LOT!!!!.

  1. Meta Tags


First off they are important they are foundation, 2nd off the description is your fucking marketing pitch, that’s your sales pitch to the possible customer that see 10 brands…that description is your 60 second pitch to say CLICK ON ME BABY!!!!

  1. NOfollow Links


Who the fuck uses nofollow links, except narcissistic ppl who only want users to enter from certain pages…FOLLOW IT ALL BABY

  1. PR Rank Page Rank


It doesn’t fucking matter really, what matters is are you turning a profit

  1. Site Maps


Very important to have an xml and html map, and don’t throw stuff on there if its not linked anywhere else, its not a tool to hide stuff the robots arent dumb

  1. Title tags


Go unique on every page of your site