Los Angeles SEO Company

What is SEO?

SEO Strategy – An evaluation of your entire website and then provide you with a proposal outlining the SEO strategies that will be most winning for your business.

Keyword Research – An extensive research aspect of your industry will be conducted; with this research we can recommend the keywords and keyword phrases that are most commonly used in client searches for your products and services. We also would like to know what keywords and phrases that you would like to rank high in Google for as well

Meta Tag Writing - We will rewrite and clean up the Title tags, Meta Keyword tags and Meta descriptions for each page of your website, optimizing them for the search engines.

Front End Content Alterations - We will cautiously evaluate the front end content on your website and offer suggestions on how to optimize the keywords and keyword phrases that we have placed in the various Meta tags as we will attempt to have the front end content mirror the back end tags without compromising the current content greatly unless approved by you.

Link Building Strategy – A strategy will be developed on how we will optimize and cross promote the internal and the external links of your site, which will increase site optimization even more.

On-Site SEO – Creating content by the means of blogging, landing pages, press releases, article submission, Youtube videos, and social media marketing that will be integrated within your on url.

SEO is a time efficient approach to marketing

Thinking ahead approach because it deals with the ever expanding Internet

Cost effective compared with traditional advertising

Obtaining qualified customers whom will increase your conversion rate

Why is SEO Important

One word sums it up - competition. Depending on what study you read, there are as many as 20 billion web pages being indexed at any given time. The major search engines do their best to go through these pages and catalog them so that they can tell you about it if you use their website to search. With so many website pages out there competing for similar phrases it is absolutely critical to make sure you are using every tool at your disposal to make sure your customers can find you when they are looking.

We usually tell clients that their intuitive feeling of WHY they trust that first listing is that - simply put - it's the best result for the phrase you type in. People seem to understand that. However most people don't really understand why one site would be better than another so here goes with a quick explanation…